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HollyFoodsSuperMarket加盟店のご案内 加盟店 募集

鉄門塾は フランチャイルズ加盟店募集です。進学塾 株式会社アドバンスが運営しております

居宅介護支援事業ファルマコムは フランチャイルズ加盟店募集です。株式会社アドバンス ファルマコム株式会社が運営しております


Overwhelming low royalty

It adopts a low royalty based on management policies to lead to company's growth to increase the profit of all member shops. A royalty of Kansai, the Kanto area is 1% of the stocking.
※It is Kanto (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama), Kansai (), Nara, Wakayama, Shiga except Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo (Awajishima), Kyushu (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki), a condition in other (Hokkaido). In addition, i, please inquire for the condition details of the area


The original product which is supported by a customer

"Everyday low price (advantageous every day!) The products which I imported directly from a product and all the countries of the world which produced "in a concept in a domestic group factory provide a large number of original products and have much support to a general customer let alone professional.


There is little loss

A product having a long expiration date including the frozen product does not handle the perishables by a main lineup normal temperature. Therefore there are few everyday sales change, loss by the sales decrease, and there are not the duties to replace today's stocking and product.



A profit margin is secured

I can secure a profit margin by an administration system and the high-quality low-priced original product which removed waste thoroughly. In addition, there is much purpose buying, and it is easy to be, and the advertisement costs are hardly necessary for a regular customer as the professional one and family layer of the cooking are the center of the customer.


The sale administrative expense of the 14% stand of sales is possible, too!

I build original low cost operation and can hold down sale administrative expense with the 14% stand of sales by removing waste and loss thoroughly.


It is administration & support system of the relief in the super management without experience

Even a super management inexperienced person builds administration operation of the relief. I perform the continuous support by the charge supervisor for sales improvement after the opening. In addition, existing business and the flexible correspondence such as "freshness & duties super" that "liquor & duties are super" that I put together are possible. At first please refer.


Store summary standard-like duties supermarket (it fluctuates by location requirements and an article)

Store area about 130 tsubo - 180 tsubo
Sales floor area about 120 tsubo - 150 tsubo
More than about 20-30 parking lots ※There is no it by a location (mall, the station square) and is possible

Cost of equipment

Normal temperature shelf and frozen facilities construction about 20 million-29 million yen (the following becomes the indication and fluctuates by an article)
Separately: Money of one set of building works, POS cash register, participation, a deposit, other liability reserve is necessary.

The first ordering

About 15 million yen ~2, 0000000 yen

Profit and loss simulation standard-like supermarket

Profit and loss judgment Monthly basis amount of money Composition ratio
Sales amount 35 million yen 100.0%
The amount of total gross margin 5,600 1,000 yen 16.0%
Sale administrative expense 4,900 1,000 yen 14.0%
Inner (wage charges) 1,300 1,000 yen 3.7%
Inner (personnel expenses) 1,575 1,000 yen 4.5%
The amount of operating income 700 1,000 yen 2.0%

◎The above is simulation and is not a thing to guarantee.
◎Because I do not treat perishables, there are not change of everyday sales, most of the loss by the decrease



FC kameitenn



株式会社ファルマコム CEOと 居宅介護にて全面的な業務提携を致しました 15000000円の出資金を受けました。NEW
株式会社アドバンス CEOと 鉄門塾経営にて全面的な業務提携を致しました 15000000円の出資金を受けました。NEW
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