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target="_parent" rel="nofollow">Noble family of the examination for University of Tokyo instruction

Iron gate cram school is the examination for University of Tokyo instruction specialty cram school for the students of the consistency school for medium- and high-levels six years. Aimed at the ideal educational institution based on development, the learning method that practiced by the Univ. of Tokyo medical department with the question, a student, the graduate of the law department for the uniform instruction method of a cram school and the cramming school which became the existing mass production by oneself, and was thorough as Specialized Agencies of the Univ. of Tokyo examination; produced a lot of Univ. of Tokyo passers at a pass rate extremely high every year on teaching it. The successive iron gate cram school graduates play an active part widely now regardless of the medical world, legal circles, the bureaucratic world, the arts and sciences world and home and abroad, too.

Iron of the iron gate cram school is iron of the alumni association organization "iron gate club" of the Univ. of Tokyo medical department, class reunion composition of the Univ. of Tokyo. I assume the Univ. of Tokyo medical department, the tradition of a student, the graduate of the law department a base literally. It is selected carefully from almost all Univ. of Tokyo student, the Univ. of Tokyo graduate, and lecturers receive consistent education in famous medium- and high-levels led by the instructor of the east university graduate for six years and are made up mainly of the person whom active play passed.

Characteristic of the iron gate cram school

The iron gate cram school performs the instruction by the best practical think factory in Japan


For lecturers taking the instruction of the iron gate cram school, it may be said that it is an important condition good thing namely I have particularly superior scholastic ability among the Univ. of Tokyo passers and to have both deep interest and insight about education and the examination if I talk about the examination for Univ. of Tokyo. I center on the instructor of the east university graduate, and lecturers are sorted strictly by an examination, an interview focusing on scholastic ability, a person, three teaching, and all the members are approximately comprised of the Univ. of Tokyo student, Univ. of Tokyo Graduate School and the graduate.

Thorough elitism

Meeting collective guidance of the elitism is most suitable that lecturers always grasp all the students and accomplish a certain responsibility instruction until the Univ. of Tokyo active play pass. I stretch out scholastic ability to the maximum by students having an aim high together in a classroom of the appropriate number of people constitution working together in competition each other while a lecturer always watches it in the iron gate cram school.

The thorough instruction that is not tied up in a time limit

Class once three hours of the iron gate cram school are principles. However, it may not lead to enough understanding, skill even if it is a class of the same time. I do not mind the detention instruction to have all the members acquire the scholastic ability that the Univ. of Tokyo active play passes in the iron gate cram school either. In addition, the private guidance is carried out for an excellent student with the surplus energy, a motivated student. It to add scholastic ability as high as possible to by the method that fitted each student is iron gate cram school.

Human relations with a lecturer and the student

A lecturer of the iron gate cram school is a senior of student you and wishes that I want to instruct a younger student until the Univ. of Tokyo active play pass as a senior. It is that it watches each one as a human being not the relations that only say that I merely tell the study contents and thinks about daily troubles, a future course problem together. In addition, the true instruction takes the communication with the home including the holding of mail and the parents' association of the report according to the individual let alone advice of the home learning from a thought that I do not conclude minutely only in a classroom.

The competition that is the high level with the good rival

I maintain learning will for six years of medium- and high-levels, and it is not always easy to continue learning for a higher place. As a general rule, I accept only going to the Univ. of Tokyo entrance into a school of higher grade celebrity school as a designated school student in the iron gate cram school and organize a class according to the scholastic ability inside. I compete with the rivals who are a high level and, through two times a year of campus trial runs for an examination, sometimes help each other again. It is the place called the iron gate cram school that is blessed with such a good friends.


The training of the power to think about by oneself

I do not have a meaning even if I learn excellent elucidation so much if I cannot make a similar answer by oneself. Examination is finally a personal fight and thinks by oneself, and power to arrive at the correct answer by an own effort is demanded. Process of thinking is apt to be downplayed in the normal educational institution, but feeds power to think about in what it is practical, and lecturers oneself repeats the method itself that polished an intellectual power and an idea in the iron green society and teaches it to by oneself.

Curriculum for the examination for Univ. of Tokyo for exclusive use of designated school student

Generally, a commercially available reference book and collection of problems or the curriculum of the general cram school and cramming school does not become the thing optimized by the examination for Univ. of Tokyo. In contrast, the curriculum of the iron gate cram school pursued the most effective learning method for the certain Univ. of Tokyo active play pass for 6 years and is the collected studies of the know-how that lasts more than 30 years, and has been cultivated.

There are not six years of a junior high school, the high school only for examination and is the time when it is important for the personality formation. I acquire scholastic ability necessary for the Univ. of Tokyo pass effectively and, after that, I wrestle for the learning across the domain of reading or club activities or the examination and want you to feed a basis material to the future. It is the hope of the iron gate cram school

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    • シニア向け
    • ご家族向け


    When I propose it to "spring class plan,"
    I can take a class with the class rate of 90 minutes for 120 minutes during a class period in spring.
    It is long and can learn because of 1 top slowly and carefully for 30 minutes.
    It is an advantageous plan of limitation, each classroom 20 people-limited during a period for from February to April!

    A franchise is a PC, ICT lesson for unfolding children.
    We exceed the frame of the simple PC classroom to send the valuable "learning" that was suitable in the times through your life and develop an ICT classroom improving a PC skill, presentation, programming and a wide skill compositely.
    We keep "power to attract information" "power to think about by oneself" "power to express" "power to tell" alive, and we pray when it wants to be the classroom which can bring up a person fortune opening up the future by own power

    • image

    It is chosen
    Three reasons

    • Home
      In local facilities
    • A private
      Coexistence with the work
    • Visible
    • The opening of a school is possible in home and local facilities

    As I can establish it with three PCs, facilities of one printer, I make the vacancy of the home the classroom and can found a school in a hall in the town block and a meeting room for rent.
    I help with the PC purchase for the class in the headquarters.

    • Coexistence with a private and the work

    I am busy with housework, child care, and, in the one doing a work at noon, as for the class, convenience of family and you can found a school with the style that I put together from once a week mainly on Saturday and Sunday in the evening as it is OK.

    • The growth of children in worth doing

    Most of the new students continue from the elementary school lower grades to a junior high school, graduation from high school.
    The growth of children becomes the best worth doing of the teacher.
    Merit of the education-related business development

    Turn of eventss of the market

    Child population, the education expense that continues increasing to go to the decrease
    Population and education market size of the child


    The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau investigation, the Japan Franchise Association investigation
    In a flow of low birthrate and aging, the educational expenses per person tend to continue increasing. Requisiteness is the field where needs are very high as for the programming education to become becoming it in that in an elementary school from PC skill and presentation skill and 2020.
    These skills are the skills that are necessary for "human resources with the ability that discovers a problem, and can be settled" whom Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology declares upbringing, and it may be said that it is the skill that social, is essential to make introduction of IT, global.
    Furthermore, there is the current situation that the youth that a PC is not usable increases to, and needs of the PC education increase some other time these days. I take consideration into the needs of such times, and the education-related business is thought to grow up in future.

    The professional training that is demanded because it is the present times

    PC education to become the basics of all the programming and the ICT education
    The mean continuation number of years of the student

    Our investigation
    It brings a big meaning that ICT of programming education and the education that became making it compulsory from 2020 touches the PC in becoming it in a small house.
    It is high continuation rate that is different from other classrooms.
    As you introduce programming, the classroom program that, besides, there is not, besides, to be able to learn a presentation skill in one classroom as well as a PC skill, you can go from an infant to a high school student for a long time.
    Mothers seemed to totally increase
    Even if the student who was the elementary school lower grades comes of age, he/she sometimes comes for greetings and. There are a lot of teachers whom it feels the best worth doing for to look at a student growing up.
    As community of local children, I contribute.
    The opening of a school to a life plan style
    The teachers of various generations play an active part

    • 女性
    • 女性
    • 女性

    To you of the child care generation

    Half of teachers or more are in the fourth and fifth decades of life and found a school.
    The generation ratio of teacher at the time of the opening of a school


    Our investigation
    Of the teacher who began it, as for the half, child just quite founds a school at the age of a primary schoolchild. It is the work that mom to the child care generation who wants to balance work with a family as I can make use of experience of the child care above all can play an active part.
    A home, child care, work and many teachers spend substantial days.
    I treat a fee of child warmly in a child special treatment system
    I can instruct child with other students in substantial curriculum and environment by using a child special treatment system.

    To expand second life

    A company work and child care are completed, and the next is recommended to to want to begin "something" leading to contribution to society.
    There is the case run the classroom in a couple and families.
    As for daughter come of age with mother who served a teacher for a long time among them making the debut as last student.
    It is the work that can continue glistening like oneself to a lifestyle.

    To the one that I want to balance with other work

    One realizing a parallel carrier increases.
    Even as for the person done work now who can found a school from one day a week "transformation to a teacher only on a holiday!" I can do it.
    Do you not grant your dream with children?

    I run a classroom while taking good care of a family

    Both the housework and the work can be compatible in a time schedule without the unreasonableness.
    As the PC classroom can found a school from once a week, I can work while valuing housework and child care while working as a teacher.
    As I can set it freely in the opening of a school day, a start, the end time for lesson
    To growth of lifestyle and child, it increases the opening of a school days little by little and,
    I can increase school hours.
    Day (41 years old) of the child care mom teacher







    I go to the gym other than the lesson day and participate in a PTA activity and.
    I go for lunch with mom friends, and oneself wants to get the money usable freely by own power now though I want to value time to spend with a family.
    Day (57 years old) of the middle age teacher





    I resigned from the teacher of the junior high school taking the opportunity of the retirement of the husband early and began a lesson at home.
    I began the lessons of the hobby that was not possible so far other than the lesson day.
    It is one of the pleasure that I instruct it to a middle and high school student, but have various talks with a student after the class.
    I enjoy the private while securing the future living wage.
    Day (30 years old) of the double work teacher





    I am working for the company of the IT system now.
    The work of "the teacher" who was the dream from old days wanted to do it. I open the classroom only once a week in the venue of the neighborhood for rent.
    It is refreshed myself, and it is pleasant to contact children in a classroom.
    The staff of the headquarters
    I support it from the opening of a school preparations to administration!

    Flow until classroom establishment

    I promise smooth classroom establishment

    By the opening of a school briefing session, I explain the details of the classroom.
    In addition, please feel free to contact us as you answer an individual question.

    • Application
    • Briefing session
    • Contract
    • With the training
      The opening of a school preparations
    • Recruitment of students
    • Classroom
    • Application

    Briefing session
    (around 90 minutes)

    I explain it in detail.
    As there are not the impossible invitation or interview test, at first please participate casually


    • Contract

    In a contract, member gold, opening of a school teaching materials costs are necessary.
    It becomes the official contract after having had you confirm the contents of the contract.

    • With the training
      The opening of a school preparations

    found a school.
    As, other than the meeting training, there is the training by video, e-learning, too,
    Even the first person can start in peace.
    I begin the preparations for signboard, PC, classroom supplies while making arrangements with the charge staff.

    • image
    • Recruitment of students

    I offer a flyer with a classroom name at the time of establishment.
    When, based on commercial domain analysis data, I make a newspaper insert and posting
    I practice a recruitment of students activity premeditatedly.

    • Classroom

    If recruitment of students is possible, it is finally the classroom opening of a school!
    After the opening of a school, the person in charge of each classroom staff supports it about overall classroom administration.

    • image
    Selectable open room plan

    The classroom opening of a school supports at various places.
    I introduce the characteristic of each plan here.
    Home plan

    It is a plan to make the vacancies such as home or the parents' house the classroom.
    As it hardly costs a monthly fixed cost, I can begin it in peace.
    Venue plan for rent
    It is a plan to ask for a local meeting place, a self-government hall, the assembly room of the apartment for as a lesson.
    Pay-by-the-hour; save it, and is relatively reasonable, and can borrow a venue.
    It is charm that a lot of articles that a desk, a chair is prepared do not need the purchase.
    Lease plan

    It is a plan to borrow an apartment and an apartment, a tenant, and to found a school.
    It costs the expense, but can open the classroom with a choice of the location that students are easy to gather for.
    Classroom administration and support system

    Reliable support system

    To have it is long and run a classroom happily in peace
    I back it up from the both sides of the "instruction side" "administration side".

    I support it before the opening of a school thoroughly!
    "Can you do it?" Free, the in front of opening of a school training that even an inexperienced person felt uneasiness including "kana to gather" for can learn to the know-how of the original instruction and administration side efficiently is doing holding (※).
    Of course a professor, administration can put improvement through the training after the opening of a school before the classroom opening of a school together as I am fully equipped with not only offers such as the teaching materials or the classroom administration material but also various manuals.
    ※A holding place: Tokyo, Nagoya

    The recruitment of students supports it generally, too!
    The headquarters provides recruitment of students with a tool (poster brochures) showing an effect to support the premeditated public relations of the teacher of each classroom.
    In addition, I fix the backup system in the suggestion of the effective pulling in customers method based on a market analysis and the making of the promotion tool, the student offer after the opening of a school including the advertisement properly and support it.

    I provide with 10,000 pieces of opening of a school flyers!
    On the classroom opening of a school, a little is all right; because can start, free, provide with 10,000 pieces of opening flyers at the time of establishment from the headquarters.
    I make necessary preparations in winding up a flyer, and where should I sprinkle it? Including the advice that said this, I support the opening of a school.
    ※The utilization methods tell you even about the predetermined training.


    I am fully equipped with a smooth administration support system!
    I am fully equipped with the portal site for the teacher to control management of a student and the confirmation of the curriculum, a burden of the administration including the collection of money representation system if possible.
    I fix the environment supporting smooth administration including the downloading of documents and the grasp of the schedule and am.

    I am fully equipped with the exclusive teaching materials of the relief even for the first time

    Even if, without the experience of the teacher, the knowledge of the PC has no confidence,
    As there are the exclusive teaching materials, I can run a classroom in peace.

    • 教材完備

    A variety of texts which I put together for a stage
    As there was an original text to a stage, a school year of a student, put it together in a level; can teach it.

    Online curriculum
    Through a learning management system in the Internet, I can manage the curriculum for each student.

    • ロボットプログラミング

    I am fully equipped with the exclusive teaching materials
    As, as for the teaching materials of the robot programming, the teaching materials are bundled with a book properly, along the flow can teach it.
    I support it from the opening of a school preparations to administration!

    Introduction of the income example
    To be frank, an income side on it running it to be interested.
    introduce the income example of the teacher of the senior.

    Can practice medicine for few initial expenses; & stable income

    The opening of business is possible for few initial expenses.
    I can anticipate a stable income by a curriculum to the needs of the times.
    In PC-ICT course in the case of the opening of a school
    Member money
    100,000 yen
    The opening of a school teaching materials costs
    30,000 yen
    The training costs
    Free of charge!
    In total (tax-excluded)
    130,000 yen
    ※ In the case of opening of a course, it costs the teaching materials costs in a robot programming lecture separately.
    April, 2020 revision


    • Twice a week

    At home in the case of a teacher of the opening of a school first year
    The number of students: 20 people
    An income: About 150,000 yen
    Teacher career
    The first year
    Husband, eldest son (5), eldest daughter (2)
    Open room place
    Home one room (about 8 tatami)
    Child care is completed. I have it at home and can be engaged in the education of the child and am worth.

    • Five times a week

    At home in the case of a teacher of the opening of a school 15th year
    The number of students: 50 people
    An income: About 400,000 yen
    Teacher career
    The 15th year
    Husband, eldest daughter (24), second daughter (21)
    Open room place
    Home one room (about 10 tatami)
    The eldest daughter who is OG makes her debut as a teacher from last year and takes charge of many students in the teachers of two mother daughters.
    ※ The incomes are different in a scale and a form, the area of the classroom. In addition, I do not make a definite promise of the number of students and an income.

    • Are there instruction experience presence, the necessary qualification?

    As there are the systems such as the training or the follow by the headquarters, work to be concerned with education is the first, but don't worry.
    The special qualification is unnecessary. I perform the level check of the PC skill before the opening of a school and carry out the training to be able to instruct it with confidence.

    • What kind of preparations are necessary to found a classroom?

    The main thing necessary for the classroom is a PC and a printer, a desk and a chair.
    In addition, a signboard, the poster brochure provides a thing of バレッドキッズオリジナル. In addition, the staff advises the layouts of the classroom.

    • Is there the follow system for the classroom administration?

    Charge, the staff advises it from various angles and, from the trouble by the class to a method of the recruitment of students, supports it. You let backup of the headquarters link your active activity well, and please run a classroom.

    • How many days will you teach it in one week?

    I can found a school from one day a week. Many patterns are 2-4 days a week on the average.
    A school hour is 1 top 50 minutes. Around PM4:00 - 5:00 after children leave school is the start time for class. In addition, I can teach it from the morning on Saturday and Sunday.

    • There is not the large space, is it all right?

    If the classroom space is approximately 6 tatami, it can found a school enough. Around three PCs are OK in ...

    • How will you perform the class?

    The characteristic of the class is individual guidance of a small number of people system. I teach it in conformity to individual curricula.
    ※Some courses including the robot programming course instruct it all at once.
    Briefing session holding schedule
    A briefing session about the opening of a school for partner business applicant
    As you hold it at any time, please participate!
    WEB conference
    The WEB conference uses "ZENTALK" (then talk). If there are a PC and net environment, it is the online meeting system which installation is not necessary, and is connected immediately.



    加盟金 200万円(消費税等別途)
    保証金 1,000万円
    ロイヤリティー 仕入れの1%
    発注システム使用料 月額28,571円(消費税等別途)
    設備費 常温棚及び冷凍設備工事約2,000~2,900万円


    ◎関東(東京都・千葉県・神奈川県・埼玉県)、関西(大阪府・京都府・兵庫県(淡路島を除く)・奈良県・和歌山県・滋賀県)、九州(福岡県・ 佐賀県・長崎県・熊本県・大分県・宮崎県)、その他(北海道)での条件です。その他エリアの条件詳細につきましては、お問い合わせください。




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